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Your Vehicle's Healthcare Provider

With a commitment to providing attentive care based on scientific research, DAS Malaysia optimizes inspection procedures and the customer experience at our car service centre. From the moment customers leave their vehicles at a DAS Service Centre for professional car service, we engage them with a refined experiential framework.

With a commitment to providing attentive care based on scientific research, DAS Malaysia optimizes inspection procedures and the customer experience at our car service centre. From the moment customers leave their vehicles at a DAS Service Centre, we engage them with a refined experiential framework.

Passion Reforge, Service Reimagine

A car may not be organic or sentient, but we can treat it like a living being that thrives on proper sustenance and care, like its human owners. This is what sets DAS Malaysia apart from competitors.

We care your car as you do


Detail Digital Report

A detailed assessment of the condition and safety of a vehicle, conducted by a trained professional to evaluate the overall functionality, mechanical integrity, and compliance with safety standards of
the vehicle.


Quality & Reliable Parts

Quality and reliable parts define the foundation of DAS Malaysia’s approach. We understand the importance of using components that meet the highest standards to ensure the longevity and performance of vehicles. By sourcing and utilizing top-notch parts, we guarantee the quality and reliability that our customers deserve.


Transparent & Fair Pricing

DAS provides a clear pricing structure and itemized breakdowns, without hidden fees or undisclosed charges. Our commitment to transparency ensures that customers can trust us to provide fair and competitive pricing, giving them peace of mind throughout their car care journey.


Traceable Work Process

All work done on a vehicle is recorded and traceable through the system and can be checked by the vehicle’s owner anytime and anywhere.

est. 15 min

27 Inspection Point

Essential inspection points for avoiding inconvenience delays and ensuring safe travel.

est. 60 min

89 Inspection Point

Courtesy inspection, Assessing fluids, undercarriage, tires, and critical components to determine essential maintenance needs.

est. 120 min

113 Inspection Point

Thorough assessment of every vehicle component. Safeguarding your vehicle’s wellbeing and identifying potential hidden issues.

What Car Services DAS Offering?

DAS providing a range of car services with an emphasis on safety, transparency, and digitalization to ensure customers have a sense of security regarding their vehicles.


Vehicle Inspection

Determining the overall health and reliability of the vehicle.
car ecu scan

ECU Diagnosis

Ensuring optimal performance, efficiency, and reliability of the vehicle.
engine oil change

Engine & Fuel System

Service to ensure the engine and fuel system are in good condition, promoting performance, fuel efficiency, and reliability.
engine decarbonize

Engine Piston Cleaning

The procedure helps maintain the overall health of the engine, promoting smoother operation, improved fuel economy, and prolonging the engine’s lifespan.
brake service

Brake System Maintenance

Regular maintenance helps to identify potential issues, maintain optimal braking performance, prevent brake failure, and ensure the safety of the vehicle and its occupants.
car ac flush service

Aircond Service

Regular air conditioning service helps maintain optimal cooling performance, prevents system failures, improves comfort, and extends the lifespan of the air conditioning system in the vehicle.

Transmission Service

Ensuring proper shifting, smooth operation, and longevity of the transmission. It aids in preventing potential issues such as slipping, overheating, and premature wear, promoting optimal performance and reliability of the vehicle.

Radiator & Coolant

Regular maintenance helps prevent engine overheating, protects against corrosion and freezing, and ensures efficient engine performance.

Air Intake System &
Throttle Body

Helps optimize air intake, improve fuel efficiency, enhance engine responsiveness, and maintain the smooth operation of the vehicle.

How to Make Car Service Appointment



Click on Book Appointment or Whatsapp to inqure



Fill in details & select your preferred date & time.



Send your car to site on time.


Let’s check out the process of our service maintenance


Visit to DAS Service Center for a complete inspection of your car.


We are using the car inspection system we designed to identify the problems and condition of every parts of your vehicle.


We’ll provide a full report with scores, results, and graphics to recommend which service are important at the moment.

Digitalized Concept Car Service Centre!

We are your professional vehicle clinic. We will give you a whole new car repair experience with the technology we designed.

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Locate Us

Deuts Auto Service (DAS Malaysia)

Car Service Glenmarie | Shah Alam

Hicom-glenmarie Industrial Park and nearby areas

Mon - Fri from 9.00 AM - 6.00 PM
Sat from 9.00 AM - 3.00 PM

Service center will be closed every Sunday and public holidays.


  • DAS Malaysia offers a wide range of services, including car inspections, repairs, maintenance, and car care products.
  • You can easily schedule an appointment with DAS Malaysia by visiting our website or contacting our customer service hotline.
  • Yes. We accepted walk in. You can call or message us at +6011-13131903 to inquire about the current traffic situation and make necessary arrangements.
  • Yes, our repair technicians are highly qualified and experienced professionals who undergo regular training to stay updated with the latest automotive technologies.
  • Absolutely. At DAS Malaysia, we prioritize clear communication with our customers. Our technicians will provide a detailed explanation of the repair or maintenance required for your vehicle, along with any necessary recommendations.
  • Yes, we only use genuine and high-quality parts that meet industry standards. We understand the importance of using reliable components to ensure the performance and longevity of your vehicle.
  • DAS Malaysia maintains transparency in pricing by providing clear and itemized breakdowns of costs for services and products. We believe in fair and competitive pricing, with no hidden fees or surprises.


Car Service Centre

A Digitalized & Transparent
Vehicle Healthcare Service Centre

A healthier car, a safer journey, DAS us. ​